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Our Network

  • Fibre Network Monitoring Optical Network Monitoring System ("ONMS") Monitor In permanence the fibre network in service or out of Service
  • Quickly detects and locates faults or degradation
  • Generates alarm and Quality of Service ("QoS") Reports
  • Fibre Network Documentation Optical Fibre Mapping ("OFM") Organizes network documentation into one centralised database
  • Displays the information on a map (Integrated GIS) Interface with RFTS to better identify fault consequences

CT Sabah is using the most intelligent monitoring software equipped with a real-time fault detector and remotely troubleshooter.

CT Sabah provides point-to-point and point-to-multi-point using MPLS-TP technology. DWDM ASON allows us to fulfill our SLA. To increase business efficiency via electronic data transfer or email, we can transport data or Internet in the capacity of 10GE all around Sabah and Labuan.

To transport long distance data from town to town, we use DWDM technology to fulfill customers' needs. With more than 1Tb network backhaul, CT Sabah is able to carry a huge volume of data/voice/video service throughout Sabah and Labuan.

CT Sabah DWDM offers several types of ports such as STM-16 to STM-64, 10GE to 40GE with single point delay of 200KM/1ms.

IP Transit / Internet Gateway

CT Sabah provides IP transit in the capacity of 1GE up to 10GE with Local DWDM ASON and MPLS-TP Network in Sabah and Labuan.