Our Network

Network Topology


Fibre Management System

  • Fibre Network Monitoring Optical Network Monitoring System ("ONMS") Monitor In permanence the fibre network in service or out of Service
  • Quickly detects and locates faults or degradation
  • Generates alarm and Quality of Service ("QoS") Reports
  • Fibre Network Documentation Optical Fibre Mapping ("OFM") Organizes network documentation into one centralised database
  • Displays the information on a map (Integrated GIS) Interface with RFTS to better identify fault consequences

Fibre Monitoring System

CTS Fibre Monitoring System
  • CT Sabah is using the most intelligent monitoring software equipped with a real-time fault detector and remotely troubleshooter.

Packet Network

  • CT Sabah provides point-to-point and point-to-multi-point using MPLS-TP technology. DWDM ASON allows us to fulfill our SLA.
  • To increase business efficiency via electronic data transfer or email, we can transport data or Internet in the capacity of 10GE all around Sabah and Labuan.

DWDM Network

  • To transport long distance data from town to town, we use DWDM technology to fulfill customers' needs. With more than 1Tb network backhaul, CT Sabah is able to carry a huge volume of data/voice/video service throughout Sabah and Labuan.
  • CT Sabah DWDM offers several types of ports such as STM-16 to STM-64, 10GE to 40GE with single point delay of 200KM/1ms.

IP Transit / Internet Gateway

  • CT Sabah provides IP transit in the capacity of 1GE up to 10GE with Local DWDM ASON and MPLS-TP Network in Sabah and Labuan.